CoolSculpting ® in Orange County – The Number One Way to Lose Fat Without Surgery


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The number one way to lose fat without surgery ? Not all fat goes away with diet and exercise. After you’ve worked hard and tried to lose a lot of weight, it’s not uncommon to find yourself with pockets of stubborn body fat that simply will not melt away. So what do you do about this body fat?

  • Do you let it sit there and continue to affect your confidence?
  • Do you pay for liposuction?


What if there was a better option – a non-surgical, FDA cleared, science based, effective procedure for removing stubborn body fat that was more affordable, safer, and provided similar results to plastic surgery?


CoolSculpting ® The Number One Way to Lose Fat Without Surgery

Since 2012, one of the most highly regarded procedures for removing fat without surgery is CoolSculpting ®, a procedure created by Zeltiq that uses cold to melt fat away. FAQ CoolSculpting and DualSculpting.


The Origin of Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting ®

For decades, studies showed that, when exposed to a specific cold temperature, fat cells freeze and die while other cells (skin cells, tissue cells, and blood cells) remain healthy and intact. Studies found that children that ate a lot of popsicles would be more prone to dimples because the fat cells in their cheeks would start to melt away.


Other studies found that those that were exposed to very cold temperatures (such as hiking up snowy mountains) would lose fat cells over the course of 1 to 3 months while other cells remained healthy and undamaged. Multiple follow up studies confirmed these results – fat cells appeared to be more prone to damage and removal than other cells in the body.


CoolSculpting ® Technology in Orange County and Los Angeles

Scientists were then able to replicate this in a process termed “cryolipolysis,” which loosely translates to “fat freeze.” They found that with the right technology and temperatures, fat cells could be cooled to a temperature that kills fat cells and only fat cells, while all other cells in the body remained intact. Then your body would remove those cells naturally.


Zeltiq used this research to create CoolSculpting ® – a revolutionary procedure that freezes fat pockets to the perfect temperature to kill as much as 35% of your stubborn fat. The CoolSculpting ® technology also sucks fat towards the surface for maximum benefits, and can be used on any area with pinchable fat, including the abdomen, love handles, thighs, and arms. If you’d like to learn more about our procedures, give us a call today at 949-309-5085. Dr Siamak Agha is a world-renown plastic surgeon. Take a look at our CoolSculpting Gallery. 


CoolSculpting ® has revolutionized the plastic surgery industry, providing the first and only safe, effective, and scientifically validated alternative to liposuction, with many advantages including:

  • Natural Weight Loss – Fat loss after your CoolSculpting ® session occurs slowly over 3 months, so your body contouring looks completely natural. No one has to know that you tried CoolSculpting ®.
  • Little/No Pain – CoolSculpting ® has only a mild discomfort in the beginning that requires no painkillers or anesthesia. Patients are often so relaxed that some fall asleep, read books, or play on their phones throughout the procedure.
  • No Recovery Period – CoolSculpting ® is 100% non-invasive. There are no cuts, no risk for infections, and no recovery period. Patients often go back to work or spend time with their families immediately after the procedure is over.


CoolSculpting ® allows you to easily address the stubborn fat that you want to remove to better shape your body, all at a price that is more affordable, with results that require no recovery, cuts, or surgery whatsoever. That is why we at Orange County CoolSculpting ® are so proud to offer our comprehensive CoolSculpting ® services to anyone looking to fight stubborn fat and reach their more ideal body. To learn more about our CoolSculpting ® services in Newport Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Los Angeles, and San Diego, contact us today at 949-558-2631.