Abdomen CoolSculpting

Abdomen CoolSculpting – As you get older, one of the hardest places to keep fat off is the stomach. Your stomach and ab muscles have a tendency to grow in fat quickly, and lose fat incredibly slowly. Often no matter how many crunches you try to do, the fat in your abs is there to stay, and for many that can create significant stress and body confidence issues that often need to be addressed to improve your happiness. If you’re interested in learning more about our CoolSculpting procedure, call us today at 949-438-4588, and let’s talk about your body and your needs. Dr. Siamak Agha, board certified plastic surgeon in Orange County. Take a look at our CoolSculpting Before and After Gallery.


When it comes to Abdomen CoolSculpting ®, the most popular treatment location is the abdomen. Fat in the abs can be a constant struggle, as both men and women tend to develop pockets of fat in their stomach no matter how many crunches they do or how well they diet.

Abdomen CoolSculpting

Abdomen CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting ®’s initial primary use was the abdomen, which is why Zeltiq has specific CoolSculpting ® and DualSculpting applicators to make it easier to target these areas. Application options include:

  • CoolMax: The largest of all available CoolSculpting ® applicators, CoolMax is specifically used on those that have extensive pockets of fat in their abdomen, that need fat removed but aren’t necessarily ready for the contouring component. It is large enough to handle significant fat, but may not be ideal for those that have specific types of pockets and smaller fat rolls.
  • CoolCore: CoolCore is one of Zeltiq’s best and most popular CoolSculpting ® applicators. It’s one of the best applicators available for shaping the abdomen and body sculpting, and is versatile enough to be used on many different types of bulges on different areas of the stomach.
  • CoolFit: CoolFit is not just for the abs. It can also be used on the thighs and arms, and is one of the earlier models of CoolSculpting ® applicators. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most useful. It has no curvature, so it’s not designed for a specific type of fit. Rather, it was made to address vertical planes on the body.
  • CoolSmooth Pro: One of the most important parts of CoolSculpting ® is the vacuuming of fat to the surface. This is what allows the applicator to capture more fat before the blood rushes away. But that’s not always possible, not even on the abdomen, and so the CoolSmooth Pro is the next best thing. It is shaped in such a way that vacuuming is less necessary, yet results are still very good.


These four applicators are a great choice for those that are looking to address their abs in their CoolSculpting ® or DualSculpting sessions. After you’ve completed Abdomen CoolSculpting ® for your abs, the fat will slowly start to melt away over the course of the next 3 months, with visible results in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. You’ll start to notice that your stomach becomes naturally flatter, and maintains a sexier shape that is likely to be considered very aesthetically pleasing.


But perhaps the most popular part of the abs CoolSculpting ® is that the results will look completely natural, especially compared to surgery. Your abdomen will simply look flatter and healthier, with no scars or signs that you had any type of work done. If you’ve always wanted to give your abs back their flatter shape in the most natural way possible, CoolSculpting ® is the best choice.


At Orange County CoolSculpting ®, our experience as leaders in the CoolSculpting ® field has earned us the Premier Crystal Status – the highest award given to Zeltiq providers – and we’re confident we can address your abdomen thoroughly. Contact us today at 949-309-5085 to learn more.