DualSculpting Arm Fat Rolls



DualSculpting Arm Fat Rolls– While most people focus on their abs and love handles when it comes to areas of stress, it’s often the arms that need the most attention. That’s because the arms are impossible to hide, and often have pockets of unwanted fat that are nearly impossible to target with diet and exercise alone – especially for women.

DualSculpting Arm Fat Rolls

DualSculpting Arm Fat Rolls


DualSculpting Arm Fat Rolls ? But because the arms are such a small portion of your body, it’s unlikely you’re going to want to get any plastic surgery completed to shape your arms. Plastic surgery carries a lot of risks and recovery time, and while you may want your arms to be more visibly appealing, you also may not want to undergo a significant surgery just to shape your arms.

CoolSculpting ® – A Safe Arm Contouring Alternative

Rather than get plastic surgery on your arm fat, consider arm CoolSculpting ®. At Orange County CoolSculpting ®, we provide affordable and effective arm CoolSculpting ® services, using a special applicator that is very effective for addressing arm fat. Though off label, CoolSculpting ® has been successfully used on the arms for many years, and continues to be a great choice for those with body contouring needs.


CoolSculpting ® and DualSculpting are excellent choices for the arms, because very few people want to go for elective surgery for a bit of arm fat, and the CoolSculpting ® applicators are specifically made to target rolls and fat pockets in the arm areas. The best applicator for the arms is the CoolFit applicator, which takes one hour per arm. We also have two applicators available for DualSculpting treatments, which can address both arms in one hour and provide you with excellent results.


Great For Those With Busy Lives

CoolSculpting ® is especially advantageous for those that workout regularly, have kids, or otherwise cannot afford to risk their mobility from plastic surgery. Since there is no recovery time, you can go back to doing your daily tasks without risking opening any scars or having any problems with your arms.


Traditionally, it takes at least a week to recover from surgery to perform just basic, simple activities, and sometimes 2 to 3 weeks to perform activities that require more physical activity. For many, this is simply not possible. With CoolSculpting ®, however, you can go back to your daily activities, no matter the intensity, in no time.


Additional Benefits of CoolSculpting ® Arms

CoolSculpting ® the arms is also less prone to any stigma, because without scars or cuts, no one has to know you had any work done. CoolSculpting ® also costs less than liposuction (and other body contouring surgery) and involves zero scarring or risks to skin laxity.


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