CoolSculpting FDA Approved




CoolSculpting FDA Approved– As you age, one of the primary areas for concern is the neck. Many people develop neck fat, including the dreaded “double chin” as they get older, since stubborn fat tends to accumulate in the neck/chin area, referred to medically as “submental fat.”


Yet surgery on the neck area has long been considered undesirable. Although many facelift procedures have been created to successfully deal with neck fat, there are many that prefer to avoid the idea of receiving plastic surgery on the face, due to the sensitive nature of facial beauty.


CoolSculpting FDA Approved

CoolSculpting FDA ApprovedWith the popularity of CoolSculpting ® – a non-surgical liposuction alternative – growing weekly, one of the most common requests we received at Orange County CoolSculpting ® was a procedure that would successfully address neck fat using the CoolSculpting ® technology. Unfortunately, that has not been available. Current technology was not considered safe or effective around the unique needs of neck fat. This has all changed, however, since September 2015. Recently, the FDA cleared a new applicator, known as the CoolMini, for use on the submental area.



CoolSculpting ® FDA Approved 

The CoolMini applicator is Zeltiq’s smallest applicator yet, and uniquely designed to address the challenges of small areas of fat. Though the CoolMini can be used on other areas of the body such as the inner knees or the axillary puffs, by far its most popular use will be the neck, where it has been shown to safely eliminate neck fat in clinical trials.


CoolSculpting FDA Approved for neck fat is an exciting new development for plastic surgery, because for the first time it allows for a safe, effective way to eliminate double chins without surgery, thus providing several advantages for the consumer, including:

  • No Scar – Traditional double chin correctionrequired plastic surgery and thus scarring. CoolSculpting ®, and the CoolMini Applicator, do not. This gives it a significant advantage when your neck fat can be addressed through CoolSculpting ® Alone.
  • No Invasive Procedure – Neck lifts and face lifts are surgical and thus invasive procedures. CoolSculpting ® is not. There is no recovery time and the procedure is quick and easy.
  • Minimal Costs – Comparatively, the costs of a CoolSculpting ® neck lift are minor compared to an invasive procedure like a facelift. There is no anesthesia either, and with a low risk to the patient, many of the costs associated with surgery can be avoided.


But perhaps the most popular benefit among patients is that CoolSculpting ® for neck fat can appear natural. The results show up over time, usually within about 8 to12 weeks. Facelifts can have excellent results, but friends and family will be able to tell you had work done given the difference in your face immediately after the procedure. With a CoolMini CoolSculpting ® neck lift, the results appear slowly over time, so others do not need to know that you received a procedure for your neck fat.


If you’re interested in learning more about this neck CoolSculpting ® or would prefer a neck or facelift, contact us today. We are happy to offer complimentary consultations and make sure that this procedure is best for you. Give us a call today at 949-309-5085.