Geneveve Genital Beautification

Geneveve by Viveve

Being a physician scientist with both MD and PhD degrees from Cambridge University, Dr. Agha’s decision in choosing Geneveve as a non-invasive device for vaginal and labial tightening for our practice was purely based on science, research, publications, and FDA-clearance of Geneveve device by Viveve (a company devoted to Women’s health). Non-invasive genital beautification devices either use lasers or radiofrequency. Although lasers are effective at removing the fine wrinkles of face and mucosa (inner lining) of vagina, they do little to replace the underlying collagen that is needed for vaginal tightening, sexual arousal, and urinary incontinence that many women desire after child birth.

Geneveve offers both vaginal and labial tightening, improves stress urinary incontinence and sexual satisfaction. The treatments each last about 30 minutes and unlike other devices, only one treatment is needed. This is because Geneveve is a more powerful device that uses a patented cooling system to numb the area of treatment. Thus, treatments can be more complete while painless.