Genital Beautification

With Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Viveve is a radiofrequency device that was created for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation as well as stress incontinence treatment. It is a comfortable, single-session, 30-minutes treatment that stimulates the body’s natural collagen formation process by delivering gentle deep heating and surface cooling. As more collagen is produced and existing collagen is renewed, patients notice a youthful and tighter vaginal canal, greater lubrication, and a decrease in urinary incontinence. Viveve is a non-invasive procedure that does not require local or topical anesthesia or pain medication. Viveve can improve your overall quality of life by reversing many of the changes a woman’s body undergoes after childbirth. It has been shown to increase sexual sensation and help your body feel youthful and rejuvenated. You will FEEL the difference.

In today’s society, health, wellness, and beauty are tightly intertwined.  While many people desire to enhance their face or body, it is genital beautification that has been receiving much attraction in recent years.  The trend may be related to the visibility of the genital area after shaving or waxing that has become more and more popular in the last decade.  Or it may be the advent of tighter bikinis or more shape-revealing clothing that may have influenced this growing trend.

The female external genitalia has several parts including the labia minora (inner lips), labia majora (outer lips), clitoris, and clitoral hood.  In the West, the external genitalia are mostly preferred as flat, hairless and a labia minora (also known as the inner labia or inner lips) that is practically invisible.  The labia minora vary greatly in size, shape and color, and may change as a result of childbirth, aging, weight loss, and many other factors.

At The Aesthetic Centers in Orange County, top Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Siamak Agha, offers multiple approaches to genital beautification as a purpose in itself and as a means of improving sexual function and satisfaction.  These include both non-invasive treatments with laser and radio frequency devices as well as cosmetic genital surgery. For non-invasive treatments, we offer Geneveve revolutionary device for vaginal tightening, urinary incontinence, labial minora and majora tightening, and enhanced sexual satisfaction.

Being a physician scientist with both MD and PhD degrees from Cambridge University, Dr. Agha’s decision in choosing Geneveve as a non-invasive device for vaginal and labial tightening for our practice was purely based on science, research, publications, and FDA-clearance of Geneveve device by Viveve (a company devoted to Women’s health). Non-invasive genital beautification devices either use lasers or radiofrequency. Although lasers are effective at removing the fine wrinkles of face and mucosa (inner lining) of vagina, they do little to replace the underlying collagen that is needed for vaginal tightening, sexual arousal, and urinary incontinence that many women desire after child birth.

Geneveve offers both vaginal and labial tightening, improves stress urinary incontinence and sexual satisfaction. The treatments each last about 30 minutes and unlike other devices, only one treatment is needed. This is because Geneveve is a more powerful device that uses a patented cooling system to numb the area of treatment. Thus, treatments can be more complete while painless.