CoolSculpting Side Effects



CoolSculpting side effects are minimal. This fat freezing procedure is relatively free of problems, discomfort or complications. In fact, since 2010 when the Food and Drug Administration approved CoolSculpting ® for use in the United States, there have been zero reports of any significant CoolSculpting ® side effects. When considering the benefits of CoolSculpting ®, this is quite remarkable.


CoolSculpting  Procedure Explained

CoolSculpting Side Effects

To explore CoolSculpting side effects and what happens as a result of CoolSculpting ®, it is best to first gain awareness of the CoolSculpting ® procedure. CoolSculpting ® is a means of permanent fat loss, also termed as fat reduction. Fat reduction takes away fat which will never regrow or regenerate. When the patient gains weight in the future, if that is the case, the weight will be distributed in other fat cells of the body.

The CoolSculpting ® procedure starts with the patient relaxing in our CoolSculpting ® room. Several applicator paddles are placed on the patient’s body where fat is being targeted for reduction. Those applicators have hoses attached, through which controlled cooling is administered.

When one thinks of freezing fat, it sounds immediately like the process would be dangerous to other tissues, such as skin and muscle. However, fat freezes at a higher temperature than these other tissues, so only the fat is frozen by the cooling which is controlled at the fat freezing point. Skin, muscle and other tissues remain completely safe and unharmed, in no way victims of CoolSculpting ® side effects.

Inside the body, frozen fat crystallizes. This crystallized fat is targeted by the immune system as an unwanted body of matter to be eliminated, just as a germ or other dead cell would be eliminated. This is what the immune system exists to do, so this process does not offer any potential for harm for the patient or cause CoolSculpting ® side effects.

The rest of CoolSculpting ® takes effect through this three month cycle of the body’s elimination of dead fat cells. Over these three months, patients are able to do everything they would typically do as part of daily life. There are no CoolSculpting ® side effects to keep them from all of their activities.

Patients are usually treated with CoolSculpting ® and can go back to work in about an hour, with no time lost for recovery or CoolSculpting ® side effects. At the end of the three month cycle of fat elimination from the body, the patient notices a trimmer, smaller region where CoolSculpting ® treatment occurred. Orange County CoolSculpting ® Paired with Exercise?


Reported CoolSculpting Side Effects

One of the only CoolSculpting ® side effects which have been reported globally are a tingling, numb or uncomfortable feeling some people experience as CoolSculpting ® is being performed. This is not painful, just provides some of the tingling sensations one might expect of a controlled cooling process. Not all patients experience this or consider it worth noting. Does CoolSculpting ® Yield the Same Results as Liposuction?

Another CoolSculpting ® side effect some people mention is stomach cramping following fat freezing, as a CoolSculpting ® side effect. Some patients report this CoolSculpting ® side effect as occurring for up to a week following their procedure. It will go away over the next several days. If it does not, the plastic surgeon can provide additional advice.


CoolSculpting ® Side Effects Vs. Liposuction Side Effects

When compared to liposuction, CoolSculpting ® side effects are miniscule. Liposuction is an invasive surgery and because it is an actual surgery, liposuction naturally carries potential for complications and side effects CoolSculpting ® will not. What Happens to the Crystallized Fat Cells After a Fat Freeze?

Liposuction causes swelling, pain and bruising at the areas of body sculpting. This may last for a period of days, depending upon the degree of liposuction and the patient.

Following liposuction, patients must remain at home for several days for recovery. They are able to return to work after about three to five days, in most cases. When compared to the hour-long procedure of CoolSculpting ® and an immediate return to work after the treatment using fat freezing, CoolSculpting ® side effects are no comparison to the effects following liposuction. If you’d like to learn more about our procedures, give us a call today at 949-309-5085. Dr Siamak Agha is a world-renown plastic surgeon. Take a look at our CoolSculpting Gallery. 

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