Non-Invasive Liposuction



An innovative non-invasive liposuction alternative is available at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center in Orange County. This means of permanent fat reduction for flanks, thighs and tummy uses regulated cooling of stubborn fat tissue to crystallize fat and then cause it to break down for elimination from the body.

That process of fat breakdown is called lipolysis. Lipolysis uses the immune system and lymphatic system to naturally reduce fat to lipids which can be passed as waste. This works similarly to fat which is consumed as part of diet. Once fat is frozen and crystallizes, the body only knows it must dispel the dead cells and does what it needs to, in order to effectively accomplish that goal. If you’d like to learn more about our procedures, give us a call today at 949-309-5085. Dr Siamak Agha is a world-renown plastic surgeon. Take a look at our CoolSculpting Gallery.  

When this elimination cycle is over, stubbornly fatty areas once unaffected by diet and exercise are permanently and noticeably reduced. Non invasive liposuction alternative fat freezing is also known as CoolSculpting ®. CoolSculpting ® is FDA cleared, offers little to no side effects, has been proven safe and is pain-free. CoolSculpting ® sessions are efficient and deliver wonderful results, all without surgery.

Non Invasive Liposuction in Orange County

Non Invasive Liposuction

Controlled cooling is the freezing of targeted fat through use of regulated temperatures. This is completed without destruction of surrounding tissues. Skin, muscle and other parts of the body remain safe and unaffected. Only fat is affected, as fat freezes at a higher temperature than other tissues.

Once the targeted fat has been frozen and crystallizes, it goes through the body’s natural elimination process. Fat freezing is a non-invasive liposuction alternative, as it effectively delivers fat reduction as only liposuction could, in the past.

Zeltiq of California developed the fat freezing technology of non-invasive liposuction alternative. Zeltiq created its CoolSculpting ® device for efficient use of the technology on patients. FDA cleared CoolSculpting ® has been used on well over a million patients worldwide since its invention, with no incidences of lingering side effects or complications.


How Does CoolSculpting ® Reduce Fat?

CoolSculpting ® is often used in Orange County by Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center permanent reduction of stubborn fat which does not respond to diet and exercise. Dr. Siamak Agha provides non-invasive liposuction alternative CoolSculpting ® to patients who will gain benefit from the treatment.

Because fat freezing targets the fat on specific areas of the body, this non-invasive liposuction alternative is best suited for those who have targeted fat reduction needs. Liposuction, a surgical form of fat reduction, is still available for patients in Orange County with larger regions for fat reduction, or for those who will likely not see benefit from CoolSculpting ®. Dr. Agha is the best resource for determination of whether CoolSculpting ® is the right choice for a patient as non-invasive liposuction alternative, or if liposuction will provide better results.

Non Invasive Liposuction CoolSculpting ® uses application paddles placed onto the targeted fat areas of the patient’s body. Each paddle with over 3000 sensors per side has a hose attached. Through that hose, controlled cooling is applied to the fat. Protective gel pads ensure protection of skin and other tissue.

A CoolSculpting ® session requires one hour from start to finish. Upon arrival at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center for Orange County fat freezing treatment, patients settle into a relaxed position and fat freezing paddles are applied. Once cooling starts, patients can read, watch TV or otherwise distract themselves. Some patients even take a nap during this non-invasive liposuction alternative.

When the session is over, paddles are removed and the area of fat reduction is massaged to normalize blood flow. The patient can then return to their regular routine in Orange County. Work, running errands, taking care of family or other pursuits are all possible immediately following CoolSculpting ®. This is an obvious and major benefit of fat freezing as the innovative, non-invasive liposuction alternative.

As part of CoolSculpting ®, fat is frozen. That fat then crystallizes. Six to twelve weeks after treatment, the immune system has effectively attacked and enzymatically reduced the crystallized fat to a form the lymphatic system can transport within the body. The fat is then eliminated as waste, just as consumed fats in food are passed through the body. The Orange County patient then notices their newly sculpted physique.