Orange County SculpSure | Body Contouring Using Lasers Instead of Surgery

The Aesthetic Center of Orange County is the Southern California leader in non-invasive, non-surgical, body contouring technology. Led by expert plastic surgeon and internationally renowned body contouring expert, Dr. Siamak Agha, our office is dedicated to making sure that those that are seeking out an alternative to liposuction and surgery are able to find effective solutions for their body contouring and aesthetic goals.


We have a variety of technologies in stock, giving you more choices and making it possible to match you with the one that will do the best job for your specific needs.


SculpSure – An Upcoming Option in Cosmetic Treatments

We at The Aesthetic Center of Orange County are always watching out for new technologies, especially if they have been backed up by a significant amount of scientific data. One of the options on our radar is SculpSure.


SculpSure is currently on pre-release, but is not set to be officially released until 2016. Like many other newer body contouring options, SculpSure uses heat, rather than cold (CoolSculpting ®) or ultrasound vibrations (UltraShape) to reduce fat.


Using lasers, SculpSure heats fat cells to between 42°C and 45°C, while leaving skin cells and other tissue unharmed. At that temperature, the fat cells break down while other cells are left generally unharmed. SculpSure uses a specific wavelength (1060 nm) and early results have been positive – the device has already been FDA cleared, and showed a 24% fat reduction in the targeted area, which compares favorably to CoolSculpting ®.


There are some drawbacks, however. In addition to not yet being on the market, SculpSure suffers from:

  • Lack of Testing/History – Any new medical device should undergo thorough testing before it is picked up by plastic surgeons, and while SculpSure does have some positive results thus far – including a study that reported a high approval rating – any time you use lasers within the body, the safety and efficacy should be thoroughly tested before adoption.
  • Discomfort Exists – Although marketed as gentle, the procedure does cause some discomfort. During the procedure the hot/cold sensations can be uncomfortable, and early reports show that some people develop soreness around the treatment site, possibly due to the effects of the heating.
  • Results Not Yet Clear – SculpSure is only approved for the love handles and abdomen, and there have not been enough opportunities to compare those results to CoolSculpting ® and/or UltraShape non-invasive body contouring treatments yet. Before adopting any new technology, it’s important not only to see how the technology may benefit patients, but how it is better.


Right now, CoolSculpting ®, UltraShape, and other body contouring technologies have a track record of success, great results, few treatments, and more scientific study. Yet at the Aesthetic Center of Orange County, we plan to continue to monitor the benefits of SculpSure to see if it is the right option for our patients.


In the meantime, both CoolSculpting ® and UltraShape have shown excellent benefits as alternatives to liposuction, and are a great choice for those that are in need of body contouring. To learn more about any of our procedures here at The Aesthetic Center of Orange County, please contact us today at 949-309-5085.