Orange County “Vanquish” Fat Removal | Choosing the Best Body Contouring Options

Body Contouring Options– BTL Vanquish, referred to primarily as “Vanquish,” is a very recent FDA cleared device for body contouring. It is considered an alternative to plastic surgery, and like its competitors- CoolSculpting ® and UltraShape- Vanquish is 100% free of surgery, with no recovery time or long term risks.

Body Contouring Options

Vanquish by BTL Aesthetics is an interesting new technology. Like several other products that are currently being explored for fat loss and body contouring, Vanquish is a heat-based fat reduction tool that uses thermal energy to break down fat beneath the skin, causing the fat cells to permanently rupture and get removed by the body naturally.


Vanquish in Orange County

Vanquish is a popular new technology, and since it was FDA cleared, it has been spreading around the Orange County / Southern California area quickly.


It is praised a great deal for its comfort. The Vanquish technology provides a much more gentle warming sensation than other heat based body contouring products. Some even say it is slightly more comfortable than CoolSculpting ®, although CoolSculpting ® does have a very high comfort rating as well. It also holds a positive approval rating on the plastic surgery review site RealSelf.


At the Aesthetic Center of Orange County, we carry a variety of non-invasive body contouring options. We are also paying close attention to Vanquish, but we have decided that at the moment it is not an option that we want to carry in our office for several reasons:

  • Limited Scientific Evidence – Vanquish is definitely intriguing, but right now there is still limited scientific evidence about its success rate. At our office, we believe in only carrying products with an extensive amount of medical testing. If eventually Vanquish is shown in medical studies to be effective at body contouring, more so than other heat based body contouring devices, we will consider it for our office.
  • Only Meant for Large Areas – Currently, Vanquish is only for the midsection of the body – the belly and the love handles. It does not have any other applicators for other parts of the body, which limit its use significantly, especially when compared to CoolSculpting ® and UltraShape. It can be used on the thighs, but has less research or anecdotal results in those areas.
  • Multiple Sessions – CoolSculpting ® can often be completed in one session. UltraShape in 2 or 3. Both of them are highly effective body contouring tools. On the other hand, Vanquish requires at least 6 separate sessions in order to result between 1 to 13 cm of abdominal fat reduction in scientific studies. Although most people see a difference, 1 cm of reduction is just too insignificant for many of our clients. Furthermore, on a strictly time management basis, Vanquish is not as valuable for our clients as other forms of body contouring.


This is not to say that Vanquish isn’t a good choice for your body contouring needs. Only that there are simply more reasons to prefer other forms of technology, such as CoolSculpting ® and UltraShape, that all have more scientific evidence, similar or better results, and greater control over the areas that are targeted.


The Future of Vanquish in Orange County

As more information comes out about Vanquish technology, we’ll continue to monitor them and see if they are right for our clients, and provide as useful or better body contouring options than those that are currently available. Vanquish is not quite at the point of consideration of our practice.


If you’d like to learn more about the science behind many of the body contouring devices available, please feel free and contact us today at 949-309-5085.